A Writer’s Guide to Speeches

23 June 2017
London UK

Writing a speech isn’t like writing an article or a essay. It’s a completely different ball game with a different set of rules.

Many people work in communications, journalism, or ghostwriting and at some stage or other, they end up having to write speeches. So what’s the difference?

The difference is that you have to serve two masters – you have to get the approval of your speaker and the attention of your audience.

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Leuven Speechwriters’ & Business Communicators’ Conference

26-27 October 2017

In the context of turbulent political events, the 15th UK Speechwriters’ Guild/European Speechwriter Network Leadership & Communication conference will be held at the Leuven Institute for Ireland in Europe.

Our conferences are open to people who write speeches in their organisations.

We welcome advanced speechwriters, beginners and those interested in developing skills for the future.

You’ll meet colleagues who face the same challenges.

The European Speechwriter Network, working with the UK Speechwriters’ Guild, has pioneered a format where we listen to top speechwriters, leaders and interpreters talk about their work.

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The Essentials of Speechwriting Autumn 2017

11 October 2016

This practical training day introduces a systematic approach to speechwriting. We’ll look at how to:

  • formulate striking key messages;
  • structure a speech as an engaging performance;
  • use rhetorical devices to give our language flair;
  • make our ideas more memorable;
  • adjust the text of the speech to the delivery style of the speaker; and
  • help our speeches survive poor delivery.

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Previous Speakers at the UK Speechwriters’ Guild

Bournemouth, London, Brussels, Oxford, Amsterdam, Cambridge

Since 2009, the following speakers have addressed the UK Speechwriters’ Guild and European Speechwriter Network conferences and events.

Many of the contributions have been recorded as podcasts, which are available for download here.

Arts University, Bournemouth, September 2009

Tobias Ellwood MP, Dr Max Atkinson (former speechwriter to Paddy Ashdown), Dr Johann Siebers (University of Central Lancashire), Martin Shovel and Martha Leyton (Creativity Works), Dr Susan Jones (UK Government speechwriter), Phil Collins (former speechwriter to Tony Blair), Phillip Khan-Panni, (former Toastmasters International Finalist)

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