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Bringing Together the Best Speechwriters in the World

Our Purpose

The UK Speechwriters’ Guild supports the professional development of speechwriters by organising conferences and training. Our purpose is to:

  • show the value of good speechwriting to individuals and organisations
  • invite the best speechwriters to explain their craft
  • share trade information, with hints, tips and examples of fine speechwriting.

We want to shape a thriving international industry.

We welcome new members and those wishing to develop the skills of speechwriting and public speaking for professional purposes.

Welcome to the UK Speechwriters’ Guild

Watch the video of the third conference of The UK Speechwriters’ Guild on Friday 16 September 2011 in Bournemouth. [2:32]


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UK Speechwriters’ Guild Business Communicator of the Year 2014

SteveBeeSteve Bee, CEO of Jargonfree Benefits, is the UK Speechwriters’ Guild Business Communicator of the Year 2014.

The judges said: “Steve Bee has a remarkable ability to speak about pensions in a humorous and compelling way. He has an admirable vision: ‘pensions without the piffle’ and we are impressed by his ability to put complicated ideas into words of one syllable. Listening to Steve Bee is like being entertained by a stand-up comedian. Only when you get home do the implications of what he’s told you hit you like a bucket of cold water.’’

Last year’s winner was Rory Sutherland, the advertising guru. Previous award winners have included Gillian Tett and Sir Martin Broughton.

Email us to get a copy of the citation explaining why Steve Bee won the award.

We’re now looking for nominations for our 2014 competition. If you have heard a particularly outstanding speech in 2014, please contact us.